Cembureau offers EU carbon border adjustment mechanism guidance to European Commission

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EU: Cembureau has welcomed the European Commission (EC)’s proposal for consultations on setting up a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) for imported goods including cement, and set out a number of ‘design principles’ that it says ‘should apply’. According to Cembureau, a CBAM ought to be: complementary to EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) free allowances (in the initial phase) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) compatible, based on importers’ verified emissions, including indirect emissions, applicable to all ETS sectors and capable of providing a CO2 charge exemption for EU exporters.

The EC has said that it will present a final proposal for a CBAM by mid-2021.

Last modified on 01 April 2020

URL: https://globalcement.com/news/item/10655-cembureau-offers-eu-carbon-border-adjustment-mechanism-guidance-to-european-commission

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