Sustained Visions, Qazax Sement Zavodu and DAL Teknik Makina commission 1.3Mt/yr Gazakh cement plant

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Azerbaijan: Germany-based Sustained Visions has announced the commissioning of Akkord Cement subsidiary Qazax Sement Zavodu’s 1.3Mt/yr-capacity integrated Gazakh cement plant in Ganja-Gazakh region following a phase-two upgrade completed in collaboration with the owner and DAL Holding subsidiary DAL Teknik Makina. The plant, built in 2013, had an original capacity of 0.9Mt/yr.

Sustained Visions praised the collaborative effort, which has resulted in a “significant reduction in specific energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions” for the plant, and “shows very stable performance.” Managing director Ralf Slomski noted that, in spite of the coronavirus outbreak, the company was able to maintain a project management team of five staff on the site at peak periods.


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