COBOD supplies BOD2 3D printer to first 3D printed commercial apartment building

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Germany: Denmark-based COBOD has supplied its BOD2 3D construction printer to the site of the world’s first 3D printed commercial apartment building in Wallenhausen, Bavaria. COBOD partner PERI will use the product to print a 380m2 complex, consisting of five apartments across three stories.

General manager and founder of COBOD Henrik Lund-Nielsen said, “We are incredibly pleased, that we are beginning to see the fruits of the many 3D construction printers we have sold. The actual building projects have been delayed by the Coronavirus outbreak, but now they start to be revealed. This new German project is really a great milestone as the commercial nature of the building proves the competitiveness of the 3D construction printing technology for three floors buildings and apartment buildings. This, again, opens entirely new markets for our printers.”

Last modified on 25 November 2020


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