Yorkshire Water tests new concrete surface technology in the UK

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UK: Yorkshire Water is trialling a new concrete surface applicant designed to prolong the lifespan of concrete. It says that the alumina and zirconia silicate ceramic surface treatment protects concrete from wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles, peeling, flaking, chalking and delaminating. This reduces the need for replacement of concrete structures, reducing CO2 intensity by 43% compared to bare concrete, according to the company. Advanced materials producer Haydale supplied the product.

Senior project manager Jonathan LeMoine said “In early 2021 we will be using one of our capital partners to apply the material to a number of our chemical bunds. The results will be immediately apparent and will pave the way for a larger programme of works protecting our assets.” He added “We often invest in trialling new technologies and techniques to pave the way for lower emissions in our capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX) solutions. We’re excited to see the results from this trial, and hope that it will provide a low carbon alternative to demolishing and rebuilding.”

Last modified on 20 January 2021

URL: https://globalcement.com/news/item/11851-yorkshire-water-tests-new-concrete-surface-technology-in-the-uk

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