Raysut Cement gains certification for export to Europe

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Oman: Raysut Cement has been granted the CE and NF markings by France-based AFNOR Certification for some of the cement products manufactured at its Salalah plant. The cement producer has been advised that it is now able to export its CEM I 42.5R CE PM CP2 NF and CEM II/B-LL 32.5N CE products to the European Union. It follows the plant upgrading its quality management to meet the CE and NF requirements. The producer has also passed certifications for CE002:2020 or NF002:2019, NFP 15-317:2006 and NFP 15-318:2006, allowing it to export cement to islands in the Indian Ocean. Raysut Cement was advised by Switzerland-based Quadra Trading on how to comply with the quality requirements of the international standards.

Last modified on 21 April 2021

URL: https://globalcement.com/news/item/12266-raysut-cement-gains-certification-for-export-to-europe

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