Lithuanian competition regulator blocks sale of Akmene Cement shares

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Lithuania: The Competition Council has blocked a sale of 51% of shares in Akmene Cement to the Betoneta group. The regulator concluded that the market share, which the potential buyer would obtain after the takeover, would be too large.

Subsequently, Concretus Materials, which sought to acquire 51% of Akmenes Cementas' shares and which, according to the panel, is part of Betoneta group, said that it had withdrawn its application for regulatory clearance and cancelled the deal on the acquisition of the cement manufacturer's shares.

Mexican cement group Cemex owns a 33.95% stake in Akmenes Cementas. Other shareholders include Simonas Vytis Anuzis with 13.67%, Olius Danyla with 13.55%, Arnoldas Mituzas with 12.76% and Edmundas Montvila with 9.8%.

Last modified on 24 April 2013


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