Semen Indonesia may drop Myanmar investment plan

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Indonesia: State-run Semen Indonesia may cancel its plans to invest in Myanmar if the company and its local partner fail to reach an amicable agreement over the partnership deal. Semen Indonesia's corporate secretary Agung Wiharto said that his company was facing another difficult round of discussions with its partner in Myanmar.

"Negotiations are ongoing, but we still haven't reached an agreement with our local partner on certain problems, including share price and the size of the stake to be acquired," said Wiharto. He added that if the prices demanded by the local partner were too high, Semen Indonesia would either seek a different Myanmarese company to cooperate with or move the expansion plan to another Asian country such as Vietnam, Cambodia or even Bangladesh. "We want a more reasonable price, as we will not only acquire a stake, we will also provide expertise, technology and human resources," said Wiharto.

Semen Indonesia announced in 2014 that it had decided to postpone its plan to acquire a cement company in Myanmar in 2015 after it missed its deadline to conclude negotiations in the middle of the year. Wiharto added that, to date, the potential partner had not yet determined the portion of its shares to be sold to Semen Indonesia.

While Semen Indonesia had planned to acquire a majority stake in its potential partner, Wiharto said that his company would be satisfied even if did not become a controlling shareholder. He declined to disclose how much investment Semen Indonesia had prepared for the expansion, simply saying that the cement producer had 'enough internal cash to fund the required capital.'


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