African Business Management launches cement joint venture with Whale Rock Cement

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Namibia/China: China's Asian and African Business Management has teamed up with a Namibia's Whale Rock Cement to set up a US$350m cement plant. The project will see the creation of 400 jobs.

A few years ago, Whale Rock Cement came onto the Namibian market with its Cheetah Cement brand. This triggered a fierce competition with the existing cement suppliers, leading to a price war that drove Whale Rock off the market.

The plant, about 245km from the capital Windhoek, will be the second cement plant in Namibia after Ohorongo Cement, which produces 500,000t/yr. Whale Rock Cement Public Relations Officer Manfred Uxamb said that a comprehensive feasibility study has been completed and that a limestone survey has also been carried out. "Together with our partners, we have performed a comprehensive investigation of the land plot, limestone, clay, waste iron oreand gypsum," said Uxamb, adding that they had found that all these resources meet requirements. "The survey also included market research that proved that the project is feasible. The feasibility study was presented to the Government of the Republic of Namibia and approved." According to Uxamb, the area chosen for the plant has enough limestone deposits to last more than 40 years.

Last modified on 28 October 2015


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