US$1.2bn Dangote Cement projects licensed

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Zimbabwe: The Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) has issued Dangote Group with licences for three projects worth US$1.2bn, paving way for Aliko Dangote to start implementing business deals agreed with Government earlier in 2015. The three projects are a cement plant, a coal mining venture and an energy or power plant using coal off-take production.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority chairperson Nigel Chanakira said that construction of a cement plant would likely reduce the price of the commodity. "Without any shadow of doubt, from all indications this will be the largest plant, so it speaks to the dynamics in terms of competitive pricing in cement and the construction industry," said Chanakira. "Generally, housing building costs must come down."

He said that the ZIA wanted all licensed investors to start work immediately. "What we need now are very strong follow-ups to help anybody who has been licensed to make sure those licences are used and that they translate into real investment," said Chanakira. "In the past, we have been criticised that we approve projects and then people do not come. If you look at the trend, even in 2014, we have had the largest inflow in terms of foreign direct investment since 2006. In 2006 we had US$444m, in 2014 we reached US$545m. In 2015, the jury is still out. The year has not ended, but we are hoping that our numbers will go up to at least US$3bn."

Last modified on 28 October 2015


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