Schenck Process launches vibration sensing smartphone app

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Germany: Schenck Process has launched a smartphone application (or app) that can measure the performance of vibrating machines. A smartphone running the ‘vibe2know’ app can be inserted into a proprietary mount and attached to the equipment being monitored. The app then immediately measures vibratory amplitude, frequency, oscillating angle and operating speed, and enables the user to visualise the vibrating machine’s motion pattern.

The idea for the app came from a Schenck Process employee in the company’s in-house Research & Development department, which was taken up and implemented by the future lab. Schenck employees around the world were then asked to suggest their ideas for the brand name.

“I am thrilled with vibe2know, it is a good example of how our established development team and future lab complement one another within our company. Our speed in achieving this project and getting a product to market is exactly why we set up our future lab. This sets a great precedent for future projects,” said Andreas Evertz, president and chief executive officer of Schenck Process.

Last modified on 18 January 2017


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