Shanshui Cement buildings in Jinan occupied by former manager

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China: Shanshui Cement has said that the Jinan properties of its Shandong Shanshui subsidiary have been illegally occupied by Mi Jingtian, the former deputy general manager of the company and his associates. When the representatives of Shanshui Cement attempted to repossess the unit they were held against their will for over two hours by a hostile crowd until local police helped them to escape. During the debacle some of the directors of Shanshui Cement were hurt. The assailants were also reported as having used pepper spray, smoke bombs and water cannons. Shanshui Cement has called upon the local authorities to investigate the occupation of the properties. Mi Jingtian along with Li Maohuan, Yu Yuchuan, Zhao Liping, Chen Zhongsheng and Liu Xianliang were all dismissed from Shandong Shanshui in early 2017.

Last modified on 12 April 2017


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