Cement producers agree to find alternate water source in Katas Raj Temples dispute

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Pakistan: Cement producers have proposed finding an alternative water source in a case about the Katas Raj Temples being adjudicated by the Supreme Court. They have also agreed to pay the Punjab government for any water they use until then, according to the Statesman newspaper. The court was investigating allegations that the pond at the Hindu heritage site was drying out due to water consumption by nearby cement plants.

Bestway Cement and DG Khan Cement proposed that they would submit up to US$17m and US$4m respectively as security deposits until they find alternative water sources. They have also proposed building a small dam in the area, the outflow of which will be maintained in a way that the pond at Katas Raj is not adversely affected. Local cement plants of the two companies are currently using water from nearby river and underground sources.

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