Madhya Pradesh power stations struggling to dispose of fly ash

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India: Power stations owned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh are struggling to dispose of fly ash. The power companies were required to dispose of all fly ash in applications such as cement production or construction projects by the end of 2017, according to the Times of India newspaper. However, less than 20% of fly ash has been disposed of from the Shri Singaji Thermal Power Station (SSTPS) and only 20% fly ash has been disposed of at the Satpura Thermal Power Station (STPS).

An employee of a power plant quoted by the newspaper said that the power companies were able to dispose of fly ash where cement plants were nearby but that they found it a ‘great struggle’ elsewhere. A K Nanda, the managing director of the Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Company, said that the STPS had received no interest for an expression of interest since mid-2018. He added that the company was also approaching cement-based industries through social-media channels.

Last modified on 12 December 2018


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