ThyssenKrupp details new leadership structure for new companies

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Germany: ThyssenKrupp has announced the leadership structure of its two future companies: ThyssenKrupp Industrials and ThyssenKrupp Materials. At each company the number of board directorates will be reduced to three and central functions will be combined.

From 17 corporate and service functions at present, there will be 14 at ThyssenKrupp Industrials and 10 at ThyssenKrupp Materials. The current matrix structure will be dissolved. In the future there will be no regional structure besides the business areas at headquarters level. The tasks in the regions will be performed by the operating units or central functions. The shared service units will also be allocated according to business requirements and focused more closely.

“With the separation we will create strategic clarity and enable the businesses to develop more dynamically. The new leadership structures are key to this. The new set-up is tailored to business requirements and reflects the different market requirements. Both ThyssenKrupps will become leaner, faster and better,” said Guido Kerkhoff, chief executive officer (CEO) of ThyssenKrupp.

ThyssenKrupp Industrials will comprise the elevator, automotive, and plant engineering businesses, including manufacturing equipment for the cement sector. ThyssenKrupp Materials will operate in the materials sector.

ThyssenKrupp will take a final vote on the separation plans in January 2020. The composition of the two management teams will be decided in spring 2019. Details of the financial structure, brand identity and strategy of the two new companies will be announced in May 2019. Both companies are to commence operations at the start of the company’s next financial year on 1 October 2019.

Last modified on 15 February 2019


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