US court will hear anti-trust proceedings against Lafarge North America, Argos USA and others

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US: A court in South Carolina has ruled against a dismissal motion submitted by Lafarge North America, Argos USA and six other manufacturers of ready-mix concrete which stand accused of fixing prices, rigging project bids and allocating territories and customers amongst themselves. Class Action Reporter has stated that the defendants asserted that the complainants, who claim to have suffered injury by the alleged conspiracy, have failed to provide actionable facts pertaining to the role of each accused party, the duration of the purported anti-competitive behaviour and its geographic scope including the court’s jurisdiction. Lafarge further contested that the Statute of Limitations precludes its prosecution, because it ceased concrete trading in the region in 2011. The court concluded that the claim contained sufficient fact for further examination to be reasonably expected to reveal evidence of an illegal agreement. It will hear the case against all defendants.

Last modified on 07 October 2019


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